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Toner compatible for Canon/HP Laserjet C8543X HP43X Black

Toner compatible for Canon/HP Laserjet C8543X HP43X Black

175 EUR

Refilled Toners No original

1 x Black compatible for HP Laserjet C8543X HP43X (30.000 pages based on 5% coverage)

These toners fit into the following printer models:

Canon LBP 5060

Hp LaserJet 9000, Hp LaserJet 9000 MFP, Hp LaserJet 9000 HNS, Hp LaserJet 9000 N, Hp LaserJet 9000 DN, Laserjet 9000 HNF, Laserjet 9000 L MFP

Hp LaserJet 9040, Hp LaserJet M9040 MFP, Hp LaserJet 9040 DN, Hp LaserJet 9040 N, Hp LaserJet 9040 MFP,

Hp LaserJet 9050 MFP, Hp LaserJet 9050, Hp LaserJet M9050 MFP, Hp LaserJet 9050 DN, Hp LaserJet 9050 N,

Troy MICR 9050 SECURE EX, Troy MICR 9050 SECURE, Troy MICR 9000, Troy MICR 9050, Troy: 9000 Micr EX , 9000 Micr EX Secure , 9000.

These products are professionally remanufactured toner cartridges in an impeccable quality, the perfect alternative to the original product. Wearing parts have been replaced. All our products are 100% tested before leaving the factory. We can provide warranty of goods up to one year and we can offer 1:1 exchange on confirmed faulty products.

Freight included inside EU